Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Luxe by Alvic

Ooh Shiny!

The image below is a sheet of Luxe Antracita Pearl hiding under it's protective film, soon it will become glorious doors and drawer fronts which will adorn a project we are preparing for manufacturing this week. It's a big project -something like 68 cabinets! This project will feature the Luxe Antracita Pearl, in high gloss, and high gloss Roble Frappe pictured further below. We are (understandably) excited to get this project going, and I can't wait to get the final pictures and share them with you.

On the subject of pictures...I have about 8 gigs of raw images waiting to be processed and shared, and I will be taking a day next week to revisit some of our recent projects to take the 'after' shots (yeah, we have been busy little beavers!). These will include a large Natural Bamboo kitchen, the Cleaf Oregon Pine kitchen I blogged about recently, and a Cleaf Vineyard Oak project in Carlsbad that is nearing completion. The Carlsbad project will have before and after images too. The Carlsbad condo is a small space so we packed it full of Rev-A-Shelf accessories to maximize storage, there will be some great shots of the refrigerator fillers we included there as well. Also, there is the San Diego condo featuring Cleaf City Oak that I will be taking photos of (I haven't forgotten my promise Cassie!) those were blogged about before, but we only had cell-phone shots at the time.

In other news, we are bringing on a dealer in Florida, soon customers will be able to visit the showroom there. This will feature Luxe by Alvic and Cleaf cabinets. We are also working on manufacturing Cleaf and Luxe products for customers working with our dealer there, and will share photos of the cool stuff we are working on for them when we can. They include Cleaf Aspen Oak and Luxe Antracita Pearl. Also, I should mention that we promised to bring online ordering for Luxe by Alvic back in July, and we did...sort of, we made samples available, but! we have finally carved out some time to finish our work, and this week we will be launching our 'Made in USA' Luxe by Alvic cabinet lines. This will feature many new styles that we haven't had time to put online as well as our new pricing structure that is sure to make our customers happy! :)

Did I forget to mention that we are nearing completion on another Luxe project in Laguna Niguel? This is another condo that will feature high gloss Blanco from Luxe by Alvic. The cabinets are in place and we're finishing up work on the doors and drawer fronts this week. I'll be in there next week taking pictures. I'm really excited, this was our first Luxe project and I've been dancing in my seat waiting for the opportunity to see it finished and share the results.

So much to do, yet, so little time! I never really appreciated that in my youth.

Thanks for watching!