Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Luxe and Stuff

Luxe Basalto High Gloss & Roble Frappe Cabinets


The image below is a cell phone picture of a kitchen we are working on in Claremont, Ca. There is so much going on with these cabinets that it's hard to decide where to begin.

I guess we should start with the obvious: Luxe Basalto High Gloss, and Luxe Roble Frappe. The latter is perhaps the most popular choice for a grain pattern from Luxe (we're talking about Roble Frappe -if you are like me, and have to think too hard about what the 'latter' refers to). Roble Frappe has a High Gloss acryllic finish and a beautiful wood grain. The high gloss really gives the grain a real-wood feel, or 3d effect. No glasses required :) Pictured below is the peninsula. And, Yes! That is a stainless steel toe kick. Nice huh? The kitchen features stainless steel toe kicks throughout. We will be offering this as an option on our website soon. You may have noticed there are no handles on the cabinets. If you keep up with our blog, you will have read about the Filo handle, these stainless handles are integrated into the top of the doors and drawers. Expensive...labor intensive -but Oh, so nice!

Below is the other half, Luxe Basalto, in stunning High Gloss! (I know -no one is really stunned- that's a bit strong, but if you are actually stunned, you know where to reach us). I really like Basalto, it's not a color I would choose for my car, but for kitchen cabinets? Heck yeah! They just work in this home. It could feel austere and cold, but the Basalto really pulls it back from the realm of Concrete Jungle. Can I say: Earthy? or how about warm? -there's so many catchy kitchen cabinet cliches to choose from... These cabinets also feature the Filo handle, and stainless steel toe kicks. Anyway, I'm not going to go into too much detail here...

Why? Because, if the stars align, (seriously, that's what it takes for me to be able to visit a jobsite once in a while...and, Oh, by the way, did you know that five planets will be visible in the night sky this month?) I will be standing on that glorious marble floor, with my not-cell-phone camera in hand, snapping away. Cross your fingers. Then, I will be able to share even more magazine quality pictures and commentary. I'm throwing in this last picture of the home in Claremont because, eye candy!

One final note: of the million-things-to-do on our website, one of the most requested areas is -a 'projects' page. It is extemely difficlut to re-visit past jobs, because of this, we wait a long time to get showroom quality pictures that we can share with our customers (and fans). So, if you identify with either of those categories, you will be happy to know, the Projects Page is coming soon, and will feature pictures of our cabinets, and projects prior to reaching the magazine quality stage.

Thanks for watching!