Friday, July 10, 2015

Another Late Night...

CLEAF Metro Collection Update

A picture taken in the shop today. The foreground is Cleaf Metro Pebble Beach, and the background is Cleaf Metro Cool Grey Linen (the two Cleaf linen textures will be available as casework material!). We have some information and additional pictures of the linen texture on our 'Materials' page if you are curious. We are working towards launching the online ordering for all 27 Cleaf Metro styles this week. We are big fans of this product and our customers are too, all of the Cleaf pictures on our website are from our jobs -we have done a lot of Cleaf for local customers and are excited to be making it available for online ordering in a couple days. I have a ton of pictues of the kitchens and bathrooms we've done with Cleaf Metro and will be sharing them once I get a chance to get them off the camera. I also posted a video of our CNC cutting a Cleaf Carbone panel, it's interesting if you are curious about how we manufacture cabinets. There's also one of us trying to demonstrate the resilience of the product...I should probably apologize for the music now -just in case you decide to watch that video.

The image above is the product we will be launching shortly after Cleaf Metro goes online. Pictured is Textile Oro, it's a product by Alvic called 'Luxe'...we love it! I posted this particular picture because we just had our first customer for Luxe select this for their kitchen cabinets. The edge banding is two-tone and looks awesome, my picture doesn't really capture the beauty of this door, the 'textile' pattern looks like spun gold when the light catches it right. The Luxe Collection will feature 21 styles including High Gloss (Textile Oro is High Gloss), and my personal favorite the 'Supermatte' and 'MetalDeco' series. Alvic has a great video about the series if you are interested. I was an instant fan the moment I saw the product, I would love to do my kitchen in the Antracita Supermatte or Metal Deco. Anyway, that's coming soon.

I plan on posting some images of a Cleaf Metro City Oak cabinet we did for a San Diego customer. It's a unique cabinet, it goes under the stairway so it has an interesting shape. We're putting glass in the doors tomorrow and then it will be ready to install. We remodeled this customers condo with Cleaf Metro throughout and I'll have some pictures of that soon as well.

Wow! Look at the time...I better sleep.

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