Sunday, July 12, 2015

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Cleaf Metro Product Setup

We've been working on making the Cleaf Metro Collection available for online ordering for 3 or 4 weeks now. It's quite a challenge. There are 27+ styles, around 180 individual cabinets, and around 16-20 different options for each cabinet. Hm...27 x 180 x 20= 97,000-ish entries on an excel spread sheet! The picture below is a bit of what that looks like.

This is what I'm working on today. Reviewing the spreadsheets in preparation of making the products live on our website. There are two main spreadsheets involved: Products and Product options. The products sheet columns go from A to BG, that's like 59 columns with 180 rows. I was curious about how many individual characters each row used so I used the =LEN function in excel to count the characters in each column in the row (I probably know more about excel than is healthy -a necessary evil for sure). The answer is 1,800. Take that number and multiply by 180 rows: 324,000 individual characters. That's a lot of typing! Luckily we are able to copy and past large portions of that data and then make changes based on the part number we are dealing with. That's a look at the information required to get an entire product line like Cleaf Metro online.

Oh, but we're not done yet! There's images! The image below shows the three images created for each of the 180 individual cabinet types. These are created in the software we use to design and manufacture the cabinetry. Each one was constructed in the software and screen shots were taken of each view. The images are then cropped in photo shop, saved with unique names, and then uploaded to the website. After that, each image must be attached to each product type so when a customer is ordering they can see what it is they are after. I mentioned product options above, some of the options have individual pictures too. For example: each cabinet we offer comes with a choice of casework material (casework is all of the parts made to build the cabinet not including the doors, drawer fronts, and hardware). Images for these options are created as well. And then there's the images of the kitchens and bathrooms we have taken of our projects with Cleaf Metro that we need to put online.

There is another area that we had to work on as well: pricing. Each cabinet, each size of that cabinet, and each option for that size cabinet has a cost that we have to know. The first step in pricing a cabinet is to take each individual part of the cabinet and figure out how many square feet of material each part needs. Parts also need edgebanding, we need to know how many feet of edgebanding for each part too. Then there's the doors and drawer fronts which use different materials. Hardware and options like 1 door or 2 door, 3 drawers or 4 drawers all have to be calculated and input too. That's an entire excel workbook of its own.

This is my work today. Reviewing all of this information so we can launch the Cleaf Metro products. After that, we move on to setting up the Luxe Collection by Alvic. 21 styles with options...

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