Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our First Cabinet Post <sniff!>

US RTA Cabinets

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, that's what we do. Okay, not just kitchen and bathroom cabinets -though that is our focus, we often end up making cabinets for many other purposes. That's really how our company started, making things. There are two sides to this company, US RTA Cabinets, founded by myself. We are the online source for people across the country to order cabinetry made by our brick-and-mortar half, HK Custom Cabinets.

I may ramble. In fact, prior to founding US RTA Cabinets I was a long time employee of one of our competitors, who shall remain nameless (don't get me wrong, there are no hard feelings on my part, it just doesn't make good business sense to name names). Anyway, I was asked repeatedly to not spend so much time on the phone with customers -I like to talk, especially when I'm talking with a customer about their project. Though I understood the business aspect of things, I always felt if a customer needed an hour of my time while I was designing their kitchen or helping them during their installation then they would have it. It's a big deal for most people, ripping out their old kitchen and installing a new one, especially when it was ordered online and they are a thousand miles from the guy who designed it. There is usually a lot of other things going on for the customer too, typically they are dealing with contractors and trying to manage all sorts of other considerations when remodeling. I get it. That's why I gave my time to anyone who needed it, even at the risk of angering my boss. Did I digress -probably.

If you've made it this far, I commend you on your patience and reading ability! I too read, and as you can see I like to write. Enough about me , let's talk about what we are going to be talking about on this blog here. We make cabinets and want you to buy them. Is that too blunt? Heh! (a coworker asked me once what Heh! was when I texted it to him, I said it's like LOL but not quite OL) We manufacture cabinets. Mostly of the European frameless variety, but we also have customers that ask us for framed and inset cabinets as well. I'll post more on those types in the future. You can see our work at or see our pretty pictures on We manufacture with CNC and there's a couple videos on our Youtube page if you're interested, we plan on making more videos about cabinets and cabinet manufacturing so check back occasionally.

Our intention is to make this blog a place to talk about cabinets, manufacturing, and remodeling. I'm new to blogging, so if you can, and do ask a question here I will respond. I have a ton of experience and knowledge to share and I am looking forward to not only having fun, but helping where I can.

Thanks for watching!


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